About Us
Xelltech, Inc specializes in Web Site development and design services. Phillihp Harmon, Principal Owner and Lead Developer, incorporated Xelltech, Inc in 2006 and has had much success in the creative and detail oriented world of custom Web Site development and design. Xelltech, Inc aims to offer your business the latest in technological advances to help build your business in the new world of the internet.

Phillihp Harmon, Principal Owner and Lead Developer, has over 10 years of professional experience developing custom website applications. His talents derive from self-taught passion for Web Site development, refined with a Computer Science degree from the University System of Maryland, and made professional through his years of development experience. Phil is a natural small business owner, starting his first company in 2003, and whom currently owns two others, so he understands what it takes to be successful and to make your business the best it can be.

Working with Xelltech, Inc offers the highest level of professionalism in Web Site development and design services. Services include Development, Design, Content Management Systems, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking Services (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace), Mobile Interfaces, Web Site Analysis, Viral Marketing, and built from scratch Custom Developed Applications.

Our Team
Phillihp Harmon Lead Developer / Project Manager, also Principal Owner, this is your primary contact on any project. Phil is a self-taught developer and designer, with a degree in Computer Science, who is personally fascinated by design and new technologies.
Peter Self-taught PHP developer and designer, Peter will often be working on custom applications, website styling, and content management with your website.
Matt Stacked with a Masters in Computer Science, Matt specializes in security and content management.
Emily An extremely talented designer, Emily works with everything pertaining to graphics.
Subs Depending on project type and work-load, there are a vast number of sub-contractors for those special cases.